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CCS Advisor

The sole technical software for CCS project planning and design in the world


Selection of most suitable sites, is one of most important factors for successful CO2 storage which generally is done by criteria obtained from geo science literatures or projects experiences. How ever projects owners or stockholders usually move to complete geophysical studies in order to finalize storage sites, access to smart tools and soft wares could reduce the time and cost of project characterization then help decision makers to more better result. In the other hand, success of CCS projects related to economical factors mostly affected by source type of CO2 and site-source destination also. In order to achieve this propose Rahbord Energy snd developed CCS advisor an user friend software which could be applied for suitable CCS projects . the software is equipped by either valid and updated data bases beside criteria obtained from last experiences . In addition , all the necessary correlations and calculations is performed by the software automatically. CCS advisor works based on parameters , engineering calculations , simulations , machine learning and statistical method . this new tool cover a chain of CCS projects capturing methods , capturing costs, transportation costs, site selection , revenue , storage capacity and operation problems which can be matched together. CCS advisor covers all storage shapes include CO2 EOR, EGR , coal bed methane and saline formation. It must mentioned that all type of important stationary sources power plants, iron & steel , cement factory also petrochemical plants are considered by CCS advisor. This paper introduce CCS advisor , then comprise the results obtained from CCS advisor by the results originated from two other software has been applied for EOR projects before. In addition the CCS advisor out put has been compared with known CCS project studied before by usual engineering economical methods.

MEC , Miscible EOR Consultant

MEC is a new smart tools for screening suitable reservoirs and select best miscible gas injection. This software which developed by Rahbord Energy Alborz , classify the most effective method for miscible EOR .

MEC also can sort Miscible EOR methods according efficiency.MEC also reports oil recovery , break trough time , forecast operation problems.

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