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Careers :

Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd , Always says welcome to new colleagues .Our company provide opportunities for talents scientists, innovators, researchers, engineers and other skillful persons according to its projects and duties.

Job Title










Reservoir engineer

Petroleum engineer


Drilling Engineer

Petro physics






Chemical Engineer

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer

Control Engineer

Safety Engineer






Energy engineer

Energy Economist

Power Engineer








Environment Economist

Environment Lawyer

Emission Control

HSE managing

Risk Analysis






Software engineer

Office crow


Other engineers



In case , we don’t have active related projects, we will keep job inquiry in data banks, invite applicants for interview and rate them for first opportunity. It may , Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd use short time contracts to save experts potential , keep them in work environment and also practice better work relation for future full time opportunities.

Distance working:

In case short time contracts and project contracts, we may apply young experts potential in different cities as well as countries. Sometimes they will invited to our local branches in most near cities but usually they can work with us in their places.

This program , makes us able to collaborate persons in many different locations.

C.V format:

Applicants must send their C.V to in below format both pdf and world. All C.V must have a picture in the right side of C.V.

English C.V