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Ramin:Capture 5 Million Tones CO2 and its Injection in Khouzestan Oil Fields

NIOC awarded a feasibility study to Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd in 2009 to investigate possibility of CO2 injection in Khouzestan oil fields. There are several large stationary CO2 sources in khouzestan include 3 power plants emit at least 6 million tones CO2 .
Block diagrams, design philosophy , PFD, material balance, Energy balance , process description were provided by Rahbord Energy completely. Main equipment like absorber, stripper , soda ash column, heat exchangers, condensers, re boiler , Amine pumps were designed and sized by engineering department of Rahbord Energy ltd. Capturing plant was designed with minimum energy penalty , minimum area required for water treatment and minimum demand of Water and steam .
Rahbord Energy also prepared general MTO , general plot plan and estimated foundation work, civil work, instrument list and electrical MTO .
More than 40 reservoirs were studied by Storage group ,and some of them selected for CO2 miscible injection. storage group simulated CO2 flooding in selected reservoir and forecasted incremental production in different scenario.Geological maps were studied to make sure about storing CO2 safe and with minimum possibility of leakage. Rahbord Energy also estimated storage capacity in Southern oil fields.

p1 Feasibility Study of Nitrogen EOR in Iran

Rahbord Energy Alborz has studied Nitrogen EOR feasibility awarded by National Iran oil Company (NIOC). This project included Nitrogen supply, transfer, reservoir studies, injection simulation and economical aspects to make sure about successful IOR/ EOR. .Then screening the reservoir for nitrogen injection was performed due to criteria for Iran reservoirs. In other hand, dynamic investigation of nitrogen sources was performed too. Many sources of Nitrogen included air, exhaust gases, natural Nitrogen reservoir and gas reservoir with high percent of Nitrogen were considered and investigated. REA was determined the best Nitrogen source according to project condition and developed the cryogenic method and production from underground reservoirs.REA selected reservoirs for Nitrogen injection and simulated nitrogen flooding dynamism in several oil fields with different condition such as permeability, fractured and pressure. This company finished conceptual , basic and detail design for Nitrogen production, pipeline, transfer facilities and compression station and well head facilities. Rahbord Energy Alborz also presents economic evaluation as well as technical services and offers effective strategic and plans to make able clients obtain best solutions.

Investigation of Non Power Plant CO2 Sources

Rahbord Energy Alborz Company (REAC) has done a complete research on "investigation of CO2 emission & capturing from non power plant stationary sources of Iran" for National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).
Cement production in mineral industry, ammonia, ethylene, methanol, carbon black and other petrochemical production in chemical industry, aluminum, iron & steel production in metal industry and also refinery processes in oil& gas refineries were assessed as non power plant stationary sources of CO2.

Power generation From Associated Gas in Persian GulfIn 2007 , at the beginning of establishment of Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd , the company

was involved in a project with aim of flare control in offshore region of Iran.
The main goal of project was , avoiding emissions which produced by flaring associated gas in some major offshore oil fields located in Khark island , Persian gulf Iran.

Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd, designed a new plan to control flaring and convert treat of emission into opportunity of distributed power generation in the island to supply peoples electricity demands as well as petroleum operating units.

Design and development 400 km heavy oil crude pipe line

In 2014 NIOC asked Sazeh Co to design and upgrade transport facilities in the manner which can have maximum flexibility against ambient condition, increase in oil production and future development plans.

Rahbord Energy Alborz was elected for main part of this design and engineering activates include hydraulic calculations , dynamic calculation , pump station designing and other related studies.

The Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd design , was really the most amazing engineering experiences about pipe lines in the Middle East. By Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd engineering state of art , one pipe line and booster facilities could be apply for 3 different production level and in different ambition conditions with minimum changes !
Rahbord Energy Alborz work, at least save more than 600 Million $ for NIOC.

Screening and evaluation of suitable EOR methods for NIOC reservoirs Iran, with a record of over one century of oil production, is currently one of the major oil producing countries of the world. Several of the old fields have been depleted to an uneconomical level of production.
Rahbord Energy Alborz Evaluated several reservoirs of Iran and identified best and most suitable reservoirs for each IOR/EOR methods in Iran.
Miscible EOR Consultant (MEC) , designed and developed by Rahbord Energy Alborz ltd to screen and ranking most appropriate fluid : CO2, N2 ,and Methane and investigate reservoirs and fluid condition for successful miscible EOR.

CO2 Capture from Ethylene oxide plants p1