Prospect best opportunity to succeed


Down Stream
Process Design
Design and Engineering ( Conceptual , Basic , Detail)
Collaboration in the EPC projects
Collaboration in turn key projects

Up Stream
Field development planning
Master development plan (MDP)
Reservoir Study
Perform all EOR projects
Reservoir engineering
Reservoir simulation, pvt , screening, production plan
Oil lab services
Surface facilities design
Risk Analysis ,Risk Managements
Drilling Engineering
Well Engineering

Renewable energy system design, supply and operation
Design and installation of new energy systems
Alternative fuel system design, installation and alternative fuel production
Clean development mechanism projects design and performing

Energy management services
Energy Modeling
Energy planning
Economical evaluation

CO2 Sequestration
CO2 & Acid gas sources evaluation
Conceptual/Basic design of CO2 capturing system
Conceptual /basic design of CO2 transport pipe line
Conceptual design and equipment selection for pressure
boosting of CO2