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To achieve best practice, unique solution and cost effective energy supply, Rahbord Energy combine several technologies from all the world countries which non of them can not bring an efficient and feasible answer separately.

We are collaborating with experts and collect technologies from USA, European union , Italy, china , India , Japan and Iran and apply them in right way.

In order to provide more comfort and joy in household or other small users , Rahbord Energy design different systems based on renewable energies which can satisfy all kind of user energy demands. It is up to our users that they want to supply what kind and which part of their demand by independent energy system. of course according to order , our design would be more complicated and expensive. Rahbord Energy offers three forms of energy supply: first , base line scenario which just satisfy minimum necessary requirement of a user , second full option scenario which can cover all user requirement finally we can offer transition scenario however wont supply all of energy usage but can at least cover what applicant need in best way according to his consumption.

Full option scenario is our state of art and brilliant solution which contain power generation for lighting , cooling , refrigerator, water pump , heating , hot water for heating or washing usage, gas production for heating and cooking propose and finally fuel production for transport . in this case you have refinery and power plant at home totally.

We supply following products in Middle east ,Middle Asia and Eurasia region according to our mandate from manufacturer companies .

100 KW Micro Gas Turbine                                    400W to 3 KW Micro Wind Turbine
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High-Efficiency Cogeneration

Microturbines are small high-speed generator plants. Microturbines evolved from automotive and truck turbochargers, auxiliary power units for airplanes and small jet engines. They consist of a single shaft connecting a turbine, compressor and generator. Air is drawn in through a compressor into a recuperation unit that has been heated by the exhaust gases. The air flows into a combustion chamber where it is mixed with the fuel and burned. The hot gas is expanded through the turbine creating mechanical energy. The exhaust gases pass out through the recuperation unit to capture some of the remaining heat.

The latest in wind turbines technology highlights the clear benefits of deploying them. Some key features of these technologies including the fact they are quite light weight and can be easily installed even by individuals on a Do-It Yourself (DIY) basis. Their span is also shorter and as such, they take very little space when they are fully installed. Earlier models operated through gear boxes, shafts and generators. However, the current models feature gear-less mechanisms or "free wheeling turbines" that facilitate the generation of wind generation primarily at the blade tips where the speed lies.

Household Bio Gas Generator 1-10 cubic meter per day gas              500 liter per day hot water
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