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Rahbord Energys Business Area


IEA energy outlooks report shows that in 2030 more than 80% of world energy demand still will be supplied by fossil fuel . It is clear that, these kind of resources are limited and it is necessary to optimize production from old reserves instead of explore new fields.

According to our experiences in CO2 and Nitrogen EOR , Rahbord Energy can provide different services including reservoir screening EOR methods , preparing MDP and perform demo and large scale projects according our upstream partners.

CO2 capture and storage

Carbon dioxide capture and storage(CCS)also known as CO2 sequestration is a recent method which could play a vital role in reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission over the coming decade. CCS is an integrated process involving three distinct stages include capture , transfer by pipe line and storing far away atmosphere in suitable reservoir .Rahbord Energy aims to apply CCS for storing CO2 away from atmosphere in long period of time according to environmental benefits and enhanced oil & gas recovery as an economical approach.


Today’s emerging hydrogen energy industry is eager to develop hydrogen fuel infrastructure technology that can be used to generate power for stationary power plants, transportation, and portable power applications. Much work needs to be done to reach this goal, but a foundation for future efforts has been established by these various technology sectors.

Rahbord Energy decides to develop Hydrogen fueled power plant beside new system based on fuel cell with network both equipped by CO2 capturing system.

New Fuels & Renewable

According to company targets on sustainable development and obtaining clean environment, Rahbord energy has carried out many researches on new fuels like DME and Bio diesel and planed direct industrial production of these fuels. Rahbord Energy believes that renewable energy in power generation and new fuels with less carbon in transportation, are two essential approaches to achieve energy security and clean development